1. What is Myloh?​

Myloh.co and Myloh Mobile Application (“App”), collectively referred to as “Myloh”, is a health and wellness E-buddy, owned, developed, operated and maintained by Myloh Pte Ltd.

The App contains a virtual AI chatbot that you can chat with and through a conversational interface get access to tools and techniques to manage your emotional well-being and performance. Myloh helps you monitor your moods and learn about yourself. 

Drawing from therapeutic frameworks and established assessments guided by Myloh’s development and research team, Myloh asks people how they’re feeling and what is going on in their lives in the format of brief daily conversations. Myloh also talks to you about mental health and wellness and sends you videos, audio clips, quotes and other useful tools.

As an E-buddy, you can choose-your-own activities, schedule your friend meet ups, or journal. We store all of your entries, and we will personalize recommendations to your needs over time.

  1. Is Myloh a human or a robot?

Myloh is an artificial intelligence chatbot, it learns, grows and improves with you. Myloh’s development and research teams are humans, they are mental health professionals and counselors trained to listen, support and encourage you.

However, Myloh is restricted in the terms of response and the intended usage is for providing tools, guides and techniques to manage emotions and encourage mental well-being in a self-help context. It is not intended for providing diagnosis, treatment or cure of a condition or disease or disorders. 

Myloh cannot and will not offer medical or clinical advice. It can only suggest that you seek advanced (medical) help.

  1. How does it work?

Myloh uses a combination of natural language processing, sentiment analysis, psychological expertise, excellent writing, sense of humor, awesome content library and fun interface to create the friendly and comfortable environment to get to know and help you better.

  1. Does it work?

A team of psychologists, counselors, overcomers, designers, developers and numerous collaborators have been continuously refining Myloh to help users learn the necessary skills and mindset to build up your emotional resilience and mental wellness.

Through our journey, the Myloh development team learnt three important things. First, is privacy and confidentiality. So, we decided that all Myloh’s account details, chats and journal entries are kept anonymous and secure. 

Second, users don’t want to be judged. Mostly, they just want to talk through them, openly share their thoughts, fears and moods. Users are not looking for a “fix” to their problems. We all have a dark place, and have feelings we don’t share with anyone else. Myloh will be a great help for those 3 am conversations. 

Lastly, is empowerment. Interaction with Myloh gives you the confidence to reach out for help when you’re ready – from friends, family or traditional medical help. Myloh also has a ‘Seek Help’ option, where you can find organisations and agencies that might be able to help.

  1. What can Myloh help and not help with?

Myloh provides tools, guides and techniques and encourage you to maintain your mental well-being in a self-help context. 

Myloh is in no way designed for crises such as abuse, severe mental health conditions that may cause feelings of suicide, harm to self and any other medical emergencies. In any of these cases and otherwise, Myloh cannot and will not offer medical or clinical advice or help. It can only suggest that users seek advanced and professional medical help and emergency contacts can be found under “Seek Help” on the App. 

  1. Who’s it for?​

We built Myloh for young adults in college, university and graduate school, and also older users. We encourage you to try it and see if Myloh is a fit for you. Feel free to give us feedback through the conversation with Myloh.

However, if you are less than 17 years of age, please read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy along with your parent or legal guardian to understand eligibility before use. 

For Myloh’s corporate and institutional accounts and their respective clients, please refer to the specific policy policies adopted by the respective organisations. 

  1. Is it free to talk to Myloh?​

The founders of Myloh believe there is a huge need for mental wellness and the markets, companies, authorities are struggling to address this growing problem. As such, the Myloh development team aims to provide an easily accessible help without the user being concerned with costs, time and the hassle of referrals/appointments to get the best psychological tools and guides for those who need them. However, at this point we are working with Institutional partners to help support Myloh and its development. 

If you are on an institutional (employer, school, university, social services agency, non-profit organisation, etc.) version of Myloh, some features may be replaced with your organisation’s own support mechanisms and policies. Please refer to the installation and access instructions shared by your organisation.

  1. Where can I chat with Myloh?​

Myloh can be with you always…..on your mobile devices, of course! Just download Myloh from the iOS and Android app store.

  1. Does Myloh speak languages other than English?​

Myloh only speaks English right now, and of course, Singlish. Myloh have plans to expand the language offerings but, for now, Myloh is still working on mastering the subtleties of the English language and Singlish….steady lah.

  1. Are you trying to replace doctors, counselors or therapists?​

Absolutely not! There is no replacement for human connection. There will always be a need for doctors, counselors, therapists and their recommended treatments and cures. Myloh is an additional resource available to help and hopefully, supplement the massive need for mental wellness in the world now.


  1. Is my data private?

Yes, and we are guided by Myloh’s stringent Privacy Policy. You can find further information under Myloh’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  1. Is my voice recorded or stored?

No and any personal audio clips uploaded to “MyFavourites” are kept confidential in accordance with Myloh’s Privacy Policy.

  1. Where do you store my data?

Your data will be encrypted and securely stored in a Virtual Private Cloud, VPN. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we secure your data.

  1. Will my data (conversations, responses etc.) be used?

All data will be anonymous and the Myloh team will use some messages to train Myloh to improve the ability to understand you better and improve its ability to have conversations.