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Your personal mobile cheerleader – built on an evidence based psychometric engine. Anonymous and always accessible

Everyone needs a happy, safe space and a buddy.

Why Myloh?

Evidence based self-help available 24/7 
Powered by psychometric chats, Myloh is always available at your fingertips. Whether it’s one of those days where you need an empowerment boost to better yourself, or darker days when you need a simple encouragement to keep going, Myloh is always accessible to engage in a conversation anonymously

Reach your milestones and goals with smart scheduling
Difficulty in keeping up with life’s curve balls and schedules? Myloh’s smart scheduling helps you keep your eye on the prize with friendly nudges and milestone tracking

Wellness, health and performance
Myloh’s MyProgress empowers you to live a healthy lifestyle with a robust plan and routine. With a myriad of audio and video tools, Myloh  propels you to reach for the next level of physical and mental health.

The Overcomer Series

Real lives, real stories. Hear how youths overcome life’s challenges with strength and resilience

Myloh | The Overcomer Series captures the journey of 5 different youths, their personal struggles in various areas of mental health and how they found their way. Bravely stepping out in making their narratives known, this series seeks to bring mental health to the forefront, providing a safe space for conversations to take place.
Danielle’s story of overcoming anxiety and depression.
Danielle is a young filmmaker with on-off struggle with panic attacks and mild depression. Today, she wants to empower you to be the best version of yourself everyday.
Ryan’s story of overcoming bullying and depression by not giving up on yourself. Ryan was bullied when he was growing up. He had persevered and is a top graduate in Singapore Polytechnic in 2019. Today, Ryan wants to empower you to change your narrative and not lose sight of who you are.
Nadera’s story of being misunderstood and overcoming depression by seeking help. Nadera is a high performer that has been struggling with depression since young. Today, Nadera is a certified peer support specialist and wants to empower you to take the first step to get the help you need, because you deserve it.

Jamie’s story of overcoming depression and self-harm with the right course of action. Is it really okay not to be okay? On the surface, Jamie had the perfect life but mentally she was trying to cope with her parents divorce and school pressures. Thereafter, she started experiencing depression and anxiety. In our society, everyone is expecting you to be okay but what is okay? Today, Jamie wants to empower you to take the right course of action and know you will be better tomorrow.
Myloh | Gary’s story of overcoming mental health issues with resilience and tenacity. Gary grew up in a broken home and in his life journey, he was influenced by street gangs, drugs and was faced with many life adversities including the death of a loved one. However, Gary soldiered on. Today, a University student, Gary wants to empower you to self-care and not judge too quickly when it comes to mental health issues.

Myloh is currently available for organizations and invited users. If you are interested to adopt Myloh, please schedule a demo here. We are planning for a consumer version in the near future.

Myloh hears you

‘Myloh has engaged in numerous conversations with people from all walks of life to understand how Myloh can help with their everyday challenges.
Myloh wants to be E-Buddy who is relevant, helpful & personalized’

Supporting Organizations

Team Myloh is grateful for the support of many organizations.
We are a start-up mentored by A*Star, supported by Enterprise Sg, IMDA Pixel, NCSS and several healthcare organizations and universities.

News & Insights

Disclaimer/ Note: Myloh is not a replacement for doctors, counsellors, therapists and their recommended treatments and cures. If you think you have a medical or mental health emergency, call your local emergency number or go to the nearest open clinic or emergency room. Myloh is a self-help guide and an additional resource available to help you.